Frequently Asked Questions

What age are bouncy castles for?

Children younger than 6 could get hurt. Bouncy castles are safe for kids between the age bracket of 6 and 13. Any age younger than this may sustain injury.

Is bouncy castle secure?

A substantial amount of risk has been indicated in bouncy castles. One of which is that It can expose users to easy attacks.

Can you put a bounce house on concrete?

Yes, a bounce house can be placed on concrete on the condition that the surface is flat and supported with sand or water bags. To protect it from direct contact with the concrete.

Why do bouncy castles need constant air?

Some holes allow air to go in and out. This is what keeps the castle bouncing, therefore it needs constant air else it will loose air and not get any in return to keep the castle bouncing.

Can you have a bouncy castle in the rain?

No, it is highly risky and dangerous to the user. It also damages the equipment.

Do bouncy castles use a lot of electricity?

Yes, it does, It runs on a 750w motor, and requires about 10p per hour to run.

What is a dry slide?

It is a type of mount that requires no water and is usually used by human beings as a play thing.

What is a wet slide?

A wet slide is a kind of mount that requires water in them and is normally suited for warm or hot weather.

How long do slides need to dry?

A slide can take up to 4 to 6 hours to be aired and sun dried.

Can an inflatable water slide be used dry?

Yes, a wet or water slide can be used dry. You just need to drain out the water in it.

How do you dry inflatables?

Drain the water out of the inflatable, wash, wipe and towel the puddles and air dry it.


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